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The Connjur Spectrum Translator (ST) can be run from the command line with a minimum of four arguments. For example, to convert from a Varian spectrum in the directory nhsqc5 to a NMRPipe formatted file named nhsqc.pip, utilize the following command:

ConnjurST --srctype varian --srcdir nhsqc5 --desttype nmrpipe --destfile nhsqc.pip

Basic arguments

The basic arguments are:

Additional examples

Converting from Rowland Toolkit to Bruker, use the shorter form of the arguments

ConnjurST -st rowland -sf myprotein.sec -dt bruker -dd prot_bruker
The arguments may be given in any order.
ConnjurST -st rowland -dt bruker -sf myprotein.sec -dd prot_bruker
is the same command as above.