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Below find the the Spectrum Translator. It consists of a Java jar file along with a unix script invoke the jar. The jar and script/command file should be saved to the same directory.

You are free to download and use the CONNJUR Spectrum Translator under the terms of Gnu Public License

Please cite the use of this software as: Nowling, R.J., Vyas, J., Weatherby, G.,Fenwick, M., Ellis, H.J.C. & Gryk, M.R. (2011). CONNJUR spectrum translator: an open source application for reformatting NMR spectral data. J Biomol NMR, 50, 83-89. PMCID: PMC3085058


Product Version Downloads About
Spectrum Translator October2012 Add check for specified target existing but not being directory; minor bug fixes.
Spectrum Translator BrukerFix This version fixes a bug where Bruker data with non-Fourier datasizes in the direct dimension were not being translated properly.
Spectrum Translator July2012 Minor bug fixes.
Spectrum Translator Workshop2012 Improve checking of Varian procpar before conversion. Enhance modeling to support Workflow Builder. (June 2012)
Spectrum Translator ENC2012b Add fid modeling support for WorkflowBuilder. Bug fixes including improvement in first scale point modeling. (March 2012)
Spectrum Translator compress Add support for nonuniform processing. (December 2011)
Spectrum Translator ENC52a Improve processing of command switches. Enhance error messages. Add support for graphical display of first scale point.
Spectrum Translator WithFrequency Added conversion of frequency domain data.
Spectrum Translator oct2010 Initial Release - time domain data only.